Expected results

The M3 project will provide the water managers in the 3 participating regions with state of the art means to optimize decision support, planning and monitoring of efficiency of water basin management measures. This will be achieved through a combined use of monitoring and modelling in 3 regions of distinct hydrological and economical catchment structure. At the end of the project the following main results and deliverables will be provided:

1) Characterization of immission loads and concomitant uncertainty analysis at key gauges within the catchments of the 3 regions.

2) Guidelines for operational monitoring design to evaluate the efficiency of specific river basin management measures (featuring 3 demonstration monitorings).

3) Application of emission models to the 3 regions with a critical analysis of input data needs (uncertainty) and cost-efficiency for decision support.

4) Application of immission models to assess water quality impacts of emission source reductions for the 3 regions.

5) Overall practical guidelines and field report on optimal use of models and monitoring to fulfill the WFD requirements in 3 regions with catchments of different scales, hydrology and human impact/pressures.